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[100.01] Governance
All competition in the Austin Women’s Soccer League Soccerfest is governed by regulations approved by the Tournament Committee.

[100.02] Team Registration
[a] Registration Check-In:
Location: To be determined
Date: Friday, May 26, 2016
Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm.
[b] Coaches must bring travel permits (if outside TSSAS), signed tournament waiver of liability form, approved roster, coach and player passes and approved guest player roster and passes (as applicable).
[c] All games will be played at:
East Metropolitan Park
18701 Blake Manor Road
Manor, Texas 78653
[d] The Tournament will be played on Saturday, May 27, 2016 and Sunday, May 28, 2016.

[100.03] Team Acceptance
[a] The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any team application
[b] Any incomplete application will be returned to sender and not processed for consideration.
– Applications are not considered complete until the entry fee is received
[c] No team shall be deemed accepted unless the Tournament Director has provided notification.
[d] Tournament fee is non-refundable
[e] Accepted teams are required to have laminated player passes and current official tournament medical release form.
[f] Travel permits are required for teams that are outside of the state of Texas and/or are not a part of TSSAS (Texas State Soccer Association-South). Teams must have a copy of a “Permission to Travel” form signed by their State Association if appropriate.

[100.04] Division Formation
Competitive divisions will be structured according to the playing level of teams as determined by the Tournament Committee, which has final authority on all team placements.

[100.05] Tournament Schedule
The tournament schedule is the responsibility of the Tournament Committee. However, once the initial schedule is issued to the teams, schedule revisions are possible, but Tournament Committee’s decisions are final.

[100.06] Roster
[a] Roster and player documentation may be inspected at any time during the tournament.
[b] Individual teams may have a player pool of up to 22 players for the tournament.
[c] Rosters are frozen upon check-in for the first weekend of the tournament.
[d] Coaches should bring coach and player passes and approved roster to every game.

[100.07] Guest Players
[a] Guest players must meet all requirements for individual team players
[b] Guest players with incomplete/incorrect information at registration will not be allowed to participate

[100.08] Illegal Players
[a] Any player that is not properly registered with their state association and/or is not on final roster shall be considered an illegal player.
[b] Any team using an illegal player shall forfeit all games to the opposing teams against whom the illegal player was used.

[a] Teams must be properly registered and in good standing with their state, national and regional association
[b] Each player shall posses a laminated, current, valid player pass or proper pass from their national association
[c] There cannot be more than 8 guest players on any team.
[d] No player is permitted to transfer from one team to another during the tournament.
[e] Player passes will be verified against the team roster at the Registration session and may be required before or during each match if requested by a Tournament official.
[f] Any team who violates the eligibility rule shall forfeit the game in which the ineligible player has participated. The team will also be subject to disqualification from the Tournament and the forfeiture of all fees.
[g] Documentation to support the age of a player may be required
[300.01] Coaches
Disciplinary action taken against a coach will be levied in the next tournament game in which he/she coaches the team playing at the time of the original infraction. If additional behavior problems occur, the Tournament Directors reserve the right to levy additional discipline up to and including expulsion from the Tournament.

[300.02] Dissent
There shall be no dissent between players and/or coaches and the referee. Questioning a referee is considered dissent. All coaches and captains are responsible for the actions of their spectators, specifically verbal abuse of referees. Such abuse will not be tolerated. Violation may result in team forfeiture of the game and/or team expulsion from further play.

[300.03] Warnings (Yellow Card)
Any player who is issued a yellow card is required to pay a tournament yellow card fine as defined in [Fines] section. Players who receive two (2) yellow cards in the same game will not be permitted to play the remainder of the game in which the cards were received and is ineligible to participate in the next scheduled tournament game. Additionally, the player is required to pay a tournament red card fine as defined in [Fines] section.

[300.04] Ejections (Red Card)
Any coach or player who is issued a red card will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled tournament game and is required to pay a tournament red card fine as defined in [Fines] section. The player’s card will be confiscated and taken to the tournament headquarters by the referee and will not be returned to the player until the fine is paid. If dismissed in the last game, an incident report will be filed with the appropriate state association and that association will assess disciplinary action. A complete report of disciplinary action(s) taken against a player, coach or team is provided to the sanctioning organization at the conclusion of the tournament.

[300.05] Spectators
Spectators may be ejected from the park for improper conduct at the discretion of tournament officials. Persons ejected due to any of the above situations must leave the site immediately. Spectators for all games are to remain on the sidelines – spectators are not permitted to stand or watch the game from behind the goals.

[300.06] Fines
[a] Any player or coach receiving a red card or that is ejected from the game is fined $20.00
[b] Any player or coach receiving a yellow card is fined $10.00
[c] Acceptable payment for fines is cash only.

[400.01] Equipment
[a] All players must wear a jersey, soccer shorts and socks
[b] Socks must cover shin guards
[c] Shin guards must be worn at all times by all players
[d] Shoes must meet FIFA specifications (no exposed metal cleats)
[e] All referee decisions are final regarding player equipment

[400.02] Uniforms
[a] All players must have uniform with individual numbers on the jersey.
[b] Each player shall have a different number and this number must be the same as listed on the official roster
[c] Where the color of the jersey similar or identical, the designated home team (the team listed first in the schedule) will change jerseys
[d] All teams should have an alternate jersey. If there is not an alternate jersey, training bibs/ scrimmage vests will be allowed.
[e] Goalkeepers shall change jerseys as the referee directs, regardless of home/visitor status.
[f] In the event that a team’s uniform conflict with the uniform of the referee and the referee elects not to change, the conflicting team must change to its alternate uniform

[400.03] Player Safety
[a] Jewelry is not permitted (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.)
[b] Players wearing cast are allowed to play with the proper approval of the Tournament Director and/or Referee Assignor

[500.01] Laws of the Game
All games under tournament jurisdiction shall be played according to the rules and regulations set forth by FIFA / USSF except for those exceptions authorized by FIFA or USSF.

[500.02] Substitutions
[a] A team shall be permitted to use as many substitutes as it desires in any game (unlimited substitutions).
[b] Substitutions can be made at a stoppage of play
[c] An injured player may be substituted for at the discretion of the referee. If a substitution is made for the injured player, the opposing team may also make one substitution (with the referee’s acknowledgment).

[600.01] Tournament Format
[a] Each team will play a minimum of 3 games
[b] Games will be played in round-robin format
[c] Some divisions may have quarterfinal matches (depending on the number of teams in the division)
[d] Some divisions may have semi-final matches (depending on the number of teams in the division)
[e] Some divisions may have final / championship matches (depending on the number of teams in the division)

[600.02] Duration of Play
[a] Tournament game duration will be determined prior to tournament check-in and may be:
[1] Two (2) – thirty (30) minute halves with a halftime break
[2] Two (2) – thirty (35) minute halves with a halftime break
[3] Two (2) – thirty (40) minute halves with a halftime break
[4] Two (2) – thirty (45) minute halves with a halftime break
[b] Halftime duration is not to exceed seven (7) minutes
[c] Matches may be shortened or canceled at the discretion of the Tournament Director in the event of inclement weather
[d] The tournament does not require the referee to add time for substitutions. The official clock will not be stopped for any reason unless in the judgment of the referee:
– Removing an injured player from the field would endanger the physical well being of the player
– Other conditions so warrant in the judgment of the referee.
[e] Any game shortened due to injury will be continued/made up at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

[600.03] Match Score (Standings Per Game)
[a] The tournament shall operate under a point system. The point system shall award points as follows:
Win = 6 Points
Tie = 3 Point
Loss = 0 Points
Shut-out = 1 Point
Goals Scored – 1 Point (Maximum of 3 per game)
[b] Maximum number of points to be obtained for one game is 10 points
[c] The Tournament Committee is responsible for maintaining official standings. The standings will be tabulated immediately following matches and available at the tournament headquarters.

[600.04] Preliminary Match Tie Breaker
[a] Head-to-Head
[b] Goal differential
– Calculation: [Goals Scored] – [Goals Allowed] – Maximum of 3 goals
[c] Fewest Goals Allowed
– Maximum of 3 goals
[d] Coin Toss / Lottery
[e] In the event that three or more teams are tied, the tiebreak sequence below will be followed until two teams remain. At that point the process starts again from the top with the two remaining teams.
[f] This tie-breaker structure excludes quarter-final, semi-final and championships games. See [600.05] for tie-breaker details for these matches.

[600.05] Quater-Final, Semi-Final, Championship Match Tie Breaker
[a] In the event of a tie at the end of regulation game play, the following will be used as winner determination for quarter-final and semi-final games:
[1] Overtime: Two (2) – 5 minute halves
This is not golden goal. Both halves are played and final score is recorded.
[2] If the game remains tied after the overtime play, the winner will be decided by kicks from the
penalty mark.

[b] In the event of a tie at the end of regulation game play, the following will be used as winner determination for championship games:
[1] Overtime: Two (2) – 10 minute halves
This is not golden goal. Both halves are played and final score is recorded.
[2] If the game remains tied after the overtime play, the winner will be decided by kicks from the
penalty mark.

[600.06] Game Ball
[a] The home team will supply a FIFA-approved game ball.
[b] If the home team does not have an appropriate ball, the visiting team may supply the game ball as accepted by the referee

[600.07] Awards
[a] The team named as tournament winner / champion for their respective divisions will be awarded a prize and shall be determined by:
– The final / championship game winner
– Or in round-robin play, the team obtaining the most points for their division in round-robin play will be named the tournament champion for their respective division and will be awarded a prize (as determined by division and the number of participating teams)
[b] Each division will have one champion
[c] Tournament committee may elect to have a goalkeeper competition
[d] One goalkeeper award will be presented for each division
[e] Goalkeeper contest details are maintained and provided by the Austin Women’s Soccer League (and are subject to change without notice)

[600.08] Protests
Protests are not permitted on any ground or basis.

[600.09] Decisions
[a] The Tournament Committee and/or Austin Women’s Soccer League Executive Committee will have the final decision on all disputes.
[b] The final interpreter of the foregoing rules and regulations, and any matters not provided for in these rules will be the Tournament Directors and/or Austin Women’s Soccer League Executive Committee, whose decisions shall be final.

[600.10] Forfeits
[a] A forfeit shall be awarded if:
– A team is not present and prepared to play within five minutes of the scheduled commencement
– A team refuses to play after being instructed to do so by the referee
[b] The score of a forfeited game shall be recorded as 2-0 in favor of the team not forfeiting if:
– The game has not commenced
– The game has commenced and the non-forfeiting team has less than a 2-goal lead at the time of
[c] If the team to which the game is forfeited has lead greater than 2 goals, the score at the time of the forfeiture shall stand
[d] If a team forfeits any game during tournament play, they are ineligible to be declared a group winner (unless otherwise determined by the tournament committee – extenuating circumstances)
[e] A team unable to attend a scheduled game because of an accident, inclement weather or other circumstance beyond the team’s control should immediately notify the tournament committee.
[f] Each situation shall be reviewed by the tournament committee, which shall enter a decision.

[600.11] Incomplete Games
[a] In the event a match is suspended prior to the expiration of one half, the game shall be repeated at a time as determined by the tournament committee.

[600.12] Inclement Weather
[a] Regardless of weather conditions, teams must appear at the respective field site, ready to play as scheduled.
[b] Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match.
[c] The Tournament Director may cancel or postpone matches
[d] Referees may suspend matches only.
[e] In the case of sever/inclement weather, in his/her discretion, Tournament Directors may cancel all games.
[f] In case of severe weather that occurs after the beginning of play, the Tournament Director may reduce the length of the match and/or may discontinue or cancel the game.
[g] Should a match be terminated due to weather conditions after 20 minutes of play, the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand.
[h] If a match is terminated prior to 20 minutes of play every attempt will be made to complete the match. However, if necessary other means, determined by the tournament committee, may be used to determine a winner.
[i] Referees and field managers will not consider beginning or continuing matches when a lightning storm exists.
[j] Refunds may be given in the event of cancellation at the discretion of the tournament director (This may include registration fees less tournament expenses)
[k] The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make the following changes in the event of inclement weather:
– Relocate and/or reschedule games
– Reduce the scheduled game duration

[a] Matters not addressed or provided for in these regulations and cases of force majeure shall be decided by the tournament committee.
[b] The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of the tournament rules and regulations shall be final.
[c] The Tournament Committee and the Austin Women’s Soccer League will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any club, team or team member if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part.
[d] All players are covered by their local organization’s insurance
[e] The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.